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4 Opportunities to Speak English in Paris!

Paris, the City of Light, isn't just a haven for lovers of the French language. If you're keen on English and want to immerse yourself in it while savoring the charms of the capital, you're in the right spot! Here are four unmissable occasions to experience a genuine Anglophone vibe in the heart of Paris.

Parisian café scene at twilight
Parisian café scene at twilight

A Genuine Thanksgiving Dinner in Paris

Did you know you could celebrate a REAL Thanksgiving dinner right here in Paris? And who knows, you might bump into someone you already know! 🤠 You can book directly with the restaurant at this email: I went there last year for Thanksgiving, and it was a blast 😂

Key Information:

- Location: BIA Le Quartier Latin & BIA Le Marais

- Date: November 23rd (and 24th for Le Marais)

- Services: 6:00pm and 8:30pm

Drink & Play : Halloween Edition

My good friend Jimi, a playwright and actor, is rolling out a new play on October 21 in Paris! Gear up for a spine-chilling theatrical evening! Join Curious Creature Productions for DRINK & PLAY: HALLOWEEN EDITION. You'll be enthralled by readings of eerie short plays, paired with scrumptious snacks and drinks. And don't forget about the costume contest! Secure your tickets in advance to ensure you snag a spot.

American Fridays with the Big Funk Company

Presenting its ninth outstanding season, "American Fridays" by The Big Funk Company in Paris is the perfect blend of culture and enjoyment. Relish riveting stage readings followed by a friendly mingle where you can indulge in good wines and interact with actors, directors, and writers. Join us @ Le Pavé D'Orsay and let yourself be swept away by a memorable Anglophone evening.

Free Opportunities to Practice English

Paris is teeming with opportunities for those looking to brush up on their English without breaking the bank. From charitable associations to expat clubs, here are some suggestions:

  • Volunteering and Associations: Outfits like a Parisian association dedicated to the less privileged, or "Serve the City Paris," offer English chat sessions with refugees. A splendid chance for cultural exchange.

  • Expat Clubs and Associations: "Crossroads English Speaking Association" in Fontainebleau is a perfect exemplar for English aficionados.

  • Events on Eventbrite: From English comedy clubs to masterclasses, Eventbrite is brimming with occasions to practice the language.

  • Pub Quizzes: A cherished British tradition, Paris has several pubs like "McBride's Irish Pub" and "The Green Linnet" that host English quizzes. Perfect for a playful English evening!

Paris isn't restricted to its culture and the French language. It's also a melting pot where English speakers can find their groove and enjoy events that remind them of home. Don't miss out on these four opportunities to enhance your Parisian experiences while practicing English!



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