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How can you learn a language?

My teaching style adapts to your needs and your individual objectives. My approach is based on the 3 pillars of personal support, learning autonomy and oral fluency. 


Personalised learning programs

  • individual lessons in person (Vincennes) or remotely

  • a tailor-made program adapted to your level

  • support outside of lessons and after the end of your course


Clear objectives & an efficient learning method

  • my teaching method uses Off2Class & ELLII (for English) and Atelier (for French), three reputable resources used by schools around the world. 

  • This method is divided into levels to make your goals clear and to help you maintain your motivation. 


Expertise & Resources

  • Being an English and French teacher since 2010, I am always looking to improve my teaching approach and find solutions to the obstacles you encounter. 

  • I share resources with you and tools tailored to your interests and needs. 

Intensive immersion

Intensive immersion in the language over a short period allows for faster acquisition of language skills. The courses are 100% in the targeted language with a tailor-made program adapted to your level. 

I offer 50-minute classes that you can take 2, 4 or even 6 times a week. You may also take 2 consecutive classes in the same day. 

Prise de parole lors d’un séminaire

Constant exposure to the language promotes better memorisation. Intensive focus on the language reduces distractions and helps you maintain motivation. The more you practice the language, the more you develop your fluency, your self-confidence and your oral proficiency. 

Tailor-made learning program

Personal support, learning autonomy & oral proficiency: these three fundamental pillars are at the heart of a tailor-made 5-step program accompanied by continued and individualised support that allows you to progress quickly by targeting the skills you need. The intensive pace, with a minimum of 1 50-minute lesson per week, promotes improved assimilation of the language, allowing you to quickly increase your oral fluency. 


Initial meeting

Before beginning any course, I strongly believe in the importance of knowing each person individually. This is why a first meeting is organised, allowing me to not only understand where you are currently in your learning, but where you want to go. 


Creation of a tailor-made learning program

After our initial meeting, a level assessment is carried out which allows me to establish your starting level. A tailor-made learning program is then created, and the program will constantly adapt to your progress and difficulties. This individualised approach is at the heart of my educational philosophy and allows me to effectively support each person towards success. 


Lessons & Support

A minimum of one lessons per week for 2, 6 or 12 weeks. Each course is an opportunity to take stock of your motivation, your progress, and the place you give to the language in your daily life. The goal is to quickly acquire language skills and learn new habits!


Final evaluation

Once the course is completed, a final assessment is carried out. This assessment allows you to take stock of your progress, the obstacles encountered during the course and the solutions that were found to overcome them. This opportunity not only makes it possible to measure progress, but also to identify areas for improvement for continuous learning. 


Education & Personalised support

Depending on your needs, you can continue with a new course or start learning learning independently. If you opt for independent learning, I will create a learning program for you and offer you a follow-up appointment every six weeks for 6 months. These appointments allow you to evaluate your progress and identify possible difficulties. 

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