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How to Celebrate Halloween and Learn English & French In 2023!

Halloween is a holiday loved by many, filled with spooky decorations, fun costumes, and tasty treats. Today, let’s travel through time to explore the rich history and modern-day joys of Halloween. Time to dive into the spooky spirit!

People Celebrate Halloween in the USA and France
People Celebrate Halloween in the USA and France
The Roots of Halloween

Halloween has a rich history dating back over 2,000 years. It began with an ancient Celtic festival called Samhain, celebrated on November 1st. This festival welcomed the harvest and the start of the "darker half" of the year. The night before Samhain, people believed the ghosts of the dead visited earth. To keep these spirits away, they lit big fires and wore costumes.

As time went on, Halloween mixed with other traditions. When Christianity spread, November 1st became All Saints' Day, a day to honor saints. The night before turned into All Hallows' Eve, which we now call Halloween. Dressing in costumes continued, and in the 20th century, trick-or-treating became popular, especially in the United States. Now, we celebrate Halloween with costumes, candy, and spooky fun!

Halloween in France

Halloween made a comeback in France in the 1990s, but it has ancient roots there too, going back to the same Celtic festival of Samhain. Over time, the festival transformed, especially after All Saints' Day was introduced. Some old Halloween traditions lived on in places like Brittany, where kids carved scary faces into beets and turnips. Now, some cities in France celebrate the "Fête des Sorcières" or the festival of witches at the end of October.

Halloween On The Screen

TV shows often celebrate Halloween too! And you can use these videos to learn English &


Here’s a video from the channel Learn English With TV Series uses a Halloween episode from Modern Family to teach English. The main character, Claire, has plans to scare kids in her neighborhood, making it a fun lesson on phrases like "trick or treat."

Another funny video from the tv show Superstore discusses Halloween costume stereotypes. The characters talk about cultural sensitivity in choosing costumes, showcasing the importance of respect during Halloween fun.

Additionally, a video titled Halloween in France | Easy French 70 from Easy Languages explores Halloween in France through street interviews. Many people noted that Halloween isn't celebrated the same way as in other countries, with some sharing that they don’t celebrate it due to personal or cultural reasons, while others recalled their childhood Halloween experiences.

Craft Your Halloween!

Feeling creative? There are videos like Five Easy Halloween Treats in 15 Minutes or Less from Tasty Recipes and a crochet tutorial from ikoxun that offer quick and easy Halloween craft ideas. From making spooky treats to crocheting fall-themed items, there are many ways to add a personal touch to your Halloween celebration.

Halloween Festivities in Paris

Paris lights up with Halloween spirit through various events. Disneyland Paris hosts a Halloween Festival from October 1 to November 5, featuring spooky Disney characters. Other events include a Halloween-themed comedy show at Le Kibélé, a Halloween celebration for English-speaking parents and their young kids, and many parties and pub crawls around the city. There's also a guide for Halloween 2023 Events in Paris for those looking to explore more. Here is a full list of the events:

  • Disney's Halloween Festival (October 1–November 5, 2023) at Disneyland Paris:

    • During this period, Disneyland Paris gets adorned with a Halloween theme, featuring spooky Disney characters like Maleficent, Jafar, Captain Hook, and Ursula. On October 31st, 2023, a special Halloween Night Ticket event is available, extending the park's opening hours for an enhanced Halloween experience​1​.

  • Halloween at Jardin d'Acclimatation (October 7 to November 12, 2023):

    • This park welcomes visitors to a frightfully festive event filled with skeletons, mariachis, dancers, and “fire artists” amidst its attractions​3.

  • Senior Moments Comedy Show - Halloween Special at Le Kibélé on October 29, 2023:

    • This event is a Halloween Special comedy show taking place at Le Kibélé, and it's free of charge​​.

  • English Speaking Mums/Moms Halloween Event on October 21, 2023:

    • A Halloween celebration for English-speaking parents and their young children (0-3 years old) is organized by the petit Paris playgroup. This event includes a Halloween show from 10 am to 11 am​​.

  • Various Parties and Pub Crawls:

    • There are multiple parties and pub crawls happening around Halloween. Events like the Paris Halloween Bar Crawl on October 28, 2023, at The Long Hop, and other festivities are featured in the Halloween 2023 Events Guide for Paris​​.

  • Haunted Tours and Family-friendly Activities:

    • Discover haunted tours and family-friendly activities throughout Paris as part of the Halloween celebrations​.

From its ancient Celtic roots to modern-day celebrations around the world, Halloween is a holiday that continues to evolve. Whether learning about its history, enjoying spooky media, crafting, or attending local events, there's a piece of Halloween for everyone to enjoy. So, let's embrace the spooky, the scary, and the fun as we celebrate Halloween!

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