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Becoming an Independent Trainer for the CPF: A Complete Guide to Creating your Training Organization

I am an independent trainer, recognized as a training organization, QUALIOPI certified and authorized to provide training supported within the framework of the CPF. I am often asked how I managed to obtain these certifications. It’s true that it’s an obstacle course. Here is a little guide to help you!

First of all, the Personal Training Account (CPF) is a crucial element of professional training in France, allowing each worker to finance qualifying or certification training. For independent trainers, integrating into this system provides a significant opportunity to expand their customer base and increase the reach of their educational programs.

Step 1: create your training organization

The first step for an independent trainer wishing to provide CPF training is to create an official training organization. This starts with registering your activity with DIRECCTE to obtain an activity declaration number. This administrative formality is fundamental and will allow you to navigate more easily through the accreditation and certification processes necessary subsequently.

Step 2: obtain QUALIOPI certification

Once your organization is created, obtaining QUALIOPI certification is essential. This certification, required for all training providers wishing to access CPF funds, ensures that your training meets the required quality standards. The QUALIOPI audit process evaluates your teaching methods, your administrative management, and your ability to adapt to the needs of learners, thus guaranteeing a high level of service and customer satisfaction.

Step 3: Registration of your training in the RNCP or RS and/or use of external certificates

For your training to be eligible for the CPF, you must register it with the RNCP or the RS. A more effective way to enrich your offer is to integrate certifications already recognized by these directories , such as the TOEIC for English skills. This process requires a partnership with the certifying body and aligning your training program with the certification requirements.

  1. Identify the RNCP certification that you wish to attach to your training

  2. Contact the certification body and ask how to become a partner.

NB: on the page dedicated to France Compétences certification, you will find a tab which lists all the organizations authorized to provide training eligible for the CPF. For your establishment to be authorized to offer these training courses, it is imperative that it appears in this official list.

Step 4: register and manage training on EDOF

Using the EDOF (Training Organization Space) is an essential step for training organizations wishing to manage training funded by the CPF. Organizations must actively register on this online course platform to be able to register their training, manage registrations, process payments, and produce necessary reports. Registration with the EDOF is not automatic and requires the organization to complete a specific registration process to access these features.

Step 5: promote your training organization

With a structured organization and certified training, promotion becomes a pillar of your success. Using digital marketing strategies, engaging in strategic partnerships and actively participating in industry events are all ways to increase the visibility and credibility of your training offering.

Establishing a training organization and navigating the complex certification and registration landscape can seem daunting, but with adequate preparation and a clear understanding of the requirements, these steps are largely surmountable. This guide has provided you with the essential information to begin your journey as a freelance CPF trainer, enabling you to turn your expertise into a thriving and rewarding career. Get involved in this process today, and do not hesitate to seek advice and support from experienced professionals to guarantee your success.



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