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Become Fluent in English Fast: My Personalized and Intensive Approach

My name is James Batchelor, and I have been passionate about language teaching for over a decade. Originally from Texas and living in Paris since 2007, I have dedicated my career to helping adults master English and French. In this article, I will explain to you my unique and effective method for teaching English, a method that has proven to make my learners autonomous and fluent orally.

My Journey and My Philosophy

Origins and Inspiration

My linguistic journey began in the United States, but it was in France that I truly found my vocation. Since 2010, I have taught English and French to hundreds of adults, developing a method that emphasizes oral practice and autonomy.

Philosophy of Teaching

I firmly believe that every learner is unique, with their own goals and challenges. My teaching approach is therefore learner-centered, aiming to develop their confidence and competence in using the language in real-world contexts.

A Personalized and Structured Methodology

Initial Assessment

Each training course begins with an in-depth assessment of the learner's level. This allows me to understand their specific needs and customize the program accordingly.

Tailor-made program

I design tailor-made programs that meet the personal and professional objectives of my students. Whether you want to improve your English for professional reasons or for travel, I create a plan tailored to your needs.

The Five Key Steps

1. Initial Assessment: Identification of the learner’s level and needs.

2. Training Objectives: Definition of the objectives to be achieved at the end of the training.

3. Training Modules: Each module includes 12 lessons of 50 minutes, with additional activities.

4. Ongoing Monitoring and Support: Using platforms like Airtable to track progress.

5. Final Assessment: Final assessment to certify the level achieved and provide a diploma.

An Intensive and Effective Pace

Course Frequency

My classes are organized intensively, with at least one 50-minute lesson per week. This pace allows learners to regularly immerse themselves in the language and progress quickly.

Quick Results

Through this intensive approach, my students often see significant improvements in just a few months, boosting their confidence and motivation.

Use of Modern Tools and Resources

Educational Platforms

I use modern tools like Off2Class and ELLII to provide interactive exercises and enriching educational resources. These platforms allow learners to practice independently between sessions.

Course Flexibility

My courses can be taken online via Zoom, offering great flexibility. For those who wish, face-to-face training options are also available.

Focus on Oral Fluency

Practical exercises

Emphasis is placed on speaking practice to help learners quickly become comfortable communicating in English. My lessons include conversation exercises, role plays and simulations of real-life situations.

Encourage Autonomy

My ultimate goal is to make my learners autonomous. They must be able to continue to progress on their own after the training ends.

Certifications and Funding

Qualiopi certification

I am Qualiopi certified, an accreditation which guarantees the quality of my training. This certification also allows learners to use their Personal Training Account (CPF) to finance courses.

Diploma and TOEIC

At the end of the training, each learner receives a diploma certifying the level achieved. For those who finance their training via the CPF, registration for the TOEIC test is included.


My unique approach to teaching English is designed to make you independent and confident in using the language. By combining a personalized methodology, an intensive pace, and modern tools, I help you achieve your linguistic goals quickly and efficiently.

If you're ready to improve your English with a proven and effective method, sign up today! Contact me today to discuss your needs and start your language journey.



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