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5 Tools to Improve Your Listening Comprehension in English

Learning a foreign language is an enriching journey, but fraught with challenges, especially when it comes to listening comprehension. This skill, essential for fluid communication, is often one of the most difficult to master. The varying accents, speed of speaking, not to mention idiomatic expressions and jargon, can make listening in English a real headache.

Fortunately, the internet offers us great tools to overcome these obstacles! Here are five online resources - which I use every day - to boost your oral comprehension in English and facilitate your language immersion.


The benchmark app for news and podcasts, NPR One is the ideal companion for those who want to practice English while staying informed. Exposure to a wide range of accents and subjects helps sharpen the ear and improve comprehension.


  • Up First  : NPR's morning briefing on the most important news, perfect for starting the day informed.

  • How I Built This  : Fascinating stories from entrepreneurs and innovators who share how they built their businesses.


Specializing in TV series and films in the original language, Lingopie makes learning both fun and effective. Features like bilingual subtitles help better

grasp the dialogues and enrich the vocabulary.


  • British TV series for immersion in British English, such as The IT Crowd , humorous and light.

  • American documentaries, offering insight into the culture and history of the United States.

TED Talks

With topics ranging from technology to psychology, TED Talks are a goldmine for practicing English. Transcripts and subtitles make lectures easier to understand, allowing for deep immersion in fascinating ideas.


  • The Power of Vulnerability  by Brené Brown: A moving exploration of the importance of authenticity and human connection.

  • Do Schools Kill Creativity?  by Sir Ken Robinson: A passionate plea for an education system that promotes (rather than undermines) creativity.

This site offers a wide range of resources, including videos and articles based on world news. The "6 Minute English" section is particularly suitable for short but intensive listening sessions.


  • 6 Minute English  : Discussions on current affairs and everyday themes, perfect for short learning sessions.

  • The English We Speak  : Focuses on idioms and common vocabulary, useful for understanding everyday language.


FluentU uses real-world videos to create personalized lessons, making learning English natural and engaging. Interactive annotations provide detailed explanations of words and phrases, making it easier to understand in context.

Listening comprehension is a gateway to in-depth mastery of English, but it requires patience and regular practice. By using these online tools, you can turn listening challenges into learning opportunities, moving toward fluent comprehension and effective communication in your language journey.

Have you used these tools? What do you think of these tips? Send me a message and let me know what you think!



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