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2 classes per week, from 4/9/23 to 20/10/23


distance learning

TOEIC preparation: boost your score & open doors (remote)

With this Intensive TOEIC preparation, you put all the chances on your side to boost your score. As a certified ETS TOEIC partner, James Batchelor not only has in-depth expertise in the exam, but he is also qualified to organize the exam. Gra

TOEIC preparation: boost your score & open doors (remote)
TOEIC preparation: boost your score & open doors (remote)

Time & Location

2 classes per week, from 4/9/23 to 20/10/23

distance learning

About the event

With this training, you will have:

⓵ each week, 2 individual lessons of 50 minutes by video

⓶ access to 3 online platforms to support your learning: ELLII, Global Exam and Airtable

↳ Global Exam and ELLII will introduce you to new grammar structures and vocabulary, and you will also have practice tests and standard TOEIC exercises. 

↳ You will have a dashboard on Airtable where you will see live information about your progress, course details and news in English.

⓷ personalization of courses and educational materials based on what is acquired on Global Exam and ELLII

⓸ Weekly discussion around your progress and motivation

⓹ Complete level assessment at the beginning and at the end

⓺ Passing the TOEIC at the end of the training

✰ a follow-up session every 6 weeks (for 6 months) to take stock of your post-training progress. 

Course duration:either 50 minutes or 1h40 minutes. 

Possible course slots:Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Training aims:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the TOEIC format and question types to navigate the exam with confidence.
  • Develop effective time management and question answering strategies to optimize your performance on exam day.
  • Improve your oral and written comprehension skills in English to increase your overall TOEIC score.
  • Get personalized feedback on your performance and improvement tips to ensure consistent progress towards your target score.


This training is open to all adults and all levels. A level assessment will be provided at the start of the training.

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