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2 classes per week, from 4/9/23 to 20/10/23


distance learning

Professional English: ease and autonomy at work (remote)

Boost your professional life with this training designed to increase your oral fluency and your autonomy in English at work. Its intensive format allows you to progress quickly through a level, while giving you the flexibility to learn from anywhere. CPF ELIGIBLE.

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Professional English: ease and autonomy at work (remote)
Professional English: ease and autonomy at work (remote)

Time & Location

2 classes per week, from 4/9/23 to 20/10/23

distance learning

About the event

With this training, you will have:

⓵ each week, 2 individual lessons of 50 minutes by video

⓶ access to 3 online platforms to support your learning: ELLII, Off2Class and Airtable

↳ Off2Class and ELLII will introduce you to new grammar structures and vocabulary, and the platforms adapt to your progress.

↳ You will have a dashboard on Airtable where you will see live information about your progress, course details and news in English.

⓷ personalization of courses and educational materials based on what is acquired on Off2Class and ELLII

⓸ Weekly discussion around your progress and motivation

⓹ Complete level assessment at the beginning and at the end

⓺ Passing the TOEIC at the end of the training (CPF only)

✰ a follow-up session every 6 weeks (for 6 months) to take stock of your post-training progress. 

Course duration:either 50 minutes or 1h40 minutes. 

Possible course slots:Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Training aims:

1. Boost oral and written comprehension: be able to understand complex speeches, presentations and written documents in a professional context.

2. Develop oral and written expression skills: express yourself clearly and effectively in various professional situations adapted to your profession, such as meetings, presentations and writing emails and reports.

3. Acquire professional vocabulary: acquiring terms and expressions specific to your profession

4. Promote self-confidence: gain confidence to use English in your professional life. For example: speaking in public, participating in negotiations or interacting with colleagues and clients in English.

5. Develop cultural awareness: understand cultural nuances to avoid misunderstandings and improve communication with English-speaking colleagues and clients.

6. Progress by one level: a CEFR level and sub-level (A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) will be assigned to you thanks to an assessment at the start of the training. A key objective is to progress one sub-level during training. 


This training is open to all adults and all levels. A level assessment will be provided at the start of the training.

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